Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Basement dweller


No that’s not a picture of me (sorry ladies). But since that’s what I currently am (basement dweller) I figured I’d come up with nice imagery for you. You’re welcome.

Its been almost a year since we’ve moved back to Canada and we’ve been living in the basement of my mother’s house since then. Not the plan we had hoped for, but not overly bad. My mother and her husband Tom are up taking care of a camp, ordering the food and doing handiwork around the camp, so they haven’t been around for a few months and its been pretty nice for both of us. They may even stay the winter there if everything goes right.

Its pretty crazy with rentals here in Winnipeg, less than 1% vacancy rates. Hell its cheaper to pay a mortgage than rent. We almost were paying a mortgage too, our offer was accepted, but the last minute financing fell through. So that was pretty crappy. If you ever leave the country for 10 years, keep an active credit card here so that you can maintain a credit score. My number is good, but because there was no activity it means nothing. So be forewarned.

So we are on the hunt for a place to live, be it rentals or mortgage. Which will it be? I donno yet.

I might even blog about it (maybe).


  1. What that picture is hawt! I hear the big glasses are coming back in style : )

    For a while rentals were goofy here too but have settled down a bit. Still to rent a full house is as much or more than a mortgage. How does your wife like the new province/country?

  2. She likes it fine actually. She enjoyed the winter, thought it was beautiful, although the spring got to her. She just wanted that to end. Since mosquitoes are down this year its been a pretty good summer, so she's liking that too. Having 4 distinct seasons is new to her, but she's liking it so far.

    The test will be if she still likes winter the second year around. :)

  3. Good thing you guys are in Winnipeg instead of Edmonton. Mosquitoes are definitely not down here this year.

    Glad to hear things are going fairly well for you guys since your trek north. Does your wife have blog post upon blog post about her mother-in-law?

    I am a pot-stirrer.

  4. lol

    Actually no she doesn't oddly enough. Although that may be because my mother is nothing but sweetness and light. :)