Friday, August 19, 2011

The burning question I know you all have.

Does it work?

Yes. Yes it does. After uninstalling and reinstalling the PhysX file a few times, rebooting a few times, it suddenly seems to work. Why? I do not know. I’m still going to say fuck you Nvidia though. I shouldn’t had the problem in the first place. Yes I know Cliff, it may be misplaced anger, but just live with it. I’ve never claimed I was perfect. lol  

Grahpics set to high and runs fine. Less openworldy than I like, but its a console port so not bad for that. If I had paid $20 for it I’d be less happy, but for $5 its fine.

Now for something completely different…

Work is weird sometimes, some of the calls are uncomfortable. Ex boyfriends/husbands or ex girlfriends/wives stalking them  and them needing to change the number, a mother runs off with their child and the husband seeking text message files to give to the lawyer for the police investigation. I had one call where this girl says this guy is harassing her and is the guy that killed her daughter a few years ago and the police are not doing anything, and she is telling me all this and her only question is can she add time onto her pre-paid phone? Sometimes the calls are tough to take, specially when someone has lost someone and they are taking care of their accounts. I’ve seen some reps crying when they get off the phone because of the story they have just heard.

I didn’t get this call and its kind of sad/funny, this guy calls in to do a transfer of service from a phone in his name to his wife’s name, the rep tells him what needs to happen and that they will give his wife a call to finish it. He didn’t know that, and tells the rep that ‘I guess I should tell my wife we are separating before we do this then?’ Yeah. Nice eh?

One day I was on a late call, we close at 6pm and I finally got off the phone with him at 6:25. I was on the phone with him trying to help him understand his bill, and the hardest part of our billing system (which really does suck. The kicker, he could not see the bill at all, he was blind. At about 6:05 the supervisor came around to bug me into hurrying me up and get off the call, good naturedly harassing me. Well she was going to until I told her ‘outstanding balance credit, and he’s blind’. She winced, hung around for about 8 minutes listening to the call and then just waited till I was done. The next day I got a commendation from her for making the guy happy, understand what had happened and been so patient with the customer. My manager was really happy with that.

Overall I am enjoying my job, but there are days when you get those calls which can really impact you. And if you get a nasty customer your first call, the rest of your day is toast. Its hard to pull back from that.

(Yes I know this post is a little late, but I was responding to a post in one of Cliff’s topics, and I don’t pre-write my topics at all. So there.)


  1. 1. Metro is awesome. Take your time and listen to some of the conversations in the background...lots of neat stuff. And it's gorgeous.

    2. Quit being a goddamn baby. pfft.

    3. You're jealous of my ability to write 2-3 posts in a sitting. Weak, dude. Weak. :)

  2. Oh, and just to show I'm not a complete dick, kudos on dealing well with the blind guy.

  3. Who knew you would be exposed to so many various personal stories?

  4. Yeah Tammy, its not everyday to be sure, but it does pop up from time to time.

    Cliff, I have been listening to some of the stories in the background. They have been pretty good. The graphics are beautiful, no doubt about it. My only real complaint so far is I wish they had spent more time making it less of a console game.