Saturday, August 27, 2011

Full house again

So my brother called today to see if they could spend a few nights here, which of course they can. They are cleaning out the dorm apartment that the two oldest boys (Josh & Matt) were sharing during the summer and the middle one (Matt) is just moving to another dorm room for his school year, Josh is currently working as a landscaper.  So this sunday they are cleaning out the room and coming over here for dinner and staying a few days. Josh will stay till friday.

Another house on this street just went up for sale. The last three that were for sale all sold pretty quickly, one in just a few days. Since I’ve been here about 8 houses sold on this block. Every time one goes up for sale I tell my wife the same thing, ‘I wish I had the money cause I’d buy them all up as they went on sale’. Its true too, I’d love to own an entire street of houses. Fix them all up to be super energy efficient and rent em out. As we are right by the Assiniboine park, where a ton of things happen during the summer, it would be a great place for rentals. But ah well. Such is not the case.

I’m still wanting to buy a house, hopefully in the spring, but not sure yet. No word yet from my brother what his thoughts are with us going together to get a house. Maybe when they are here I can talk to them about it. He hasn’t said anything about it I think the answer is no, but since I haven’t heard back, I’m not going to dismiss it entirely.

I’m currently playing Pirates of Black Cove, a game I beta tested for Paradox, its even got my name in the credits. Plus there is a character in the game called Colonel QuickDraw, although I have no idea if that character is named after me, but it is kinda funny. I’m also playing Two Worlds which is an RPG game. Its pretty fun, and along the lines of Oblivion. I just bought Two Worlds 2 for $15 on a 70% of sale, so that will get played after Two Worlds.

I have kinda given up on Metro 2033 as I am stuck on one mission, and after 5 hours of playing that one mission I’m not going to keep banging my head against the wall. Graphics on the game are great, I like the weapons and the FPS part of it, but it is a console port and that is annoying me. Not being able to save at any point is very annoying, specially considering I’m stuck at a level. And that is what it feels like to me, just one level after another, not open world at all, or maybe its just I haven’t reached a stage where it is open world. I donno but I doubt its going to see much, if any gameplay.

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