Friday, August 26, 2011

Women should not rule the world


Have you ever seen what women do to their Sims when playing The Sims? They torture them. Make a really nice house, furnished with all the bells and whistles a little Sim could want, even a swimming pool. But, when they go for a nice leisurely swim they take the ladder out of the pool and watch in glee as their Sims tire  and drown. They even upload videos to share in their Sims torture and death.

Or how about the ability to phone out for that nice take out pizza, but unable to actually get it because women have taken the door away. No bathroom so they pee themselves as well. For some reason women seem to find this funny.

No. No woman should rule the world because I’ve seen how a nice seeming woman, who outwardly is very nice and cheery and helpful becomes this power mad, Sim torturing fanatic.

Then again… She is American. So maybe that’s par for the course.

I’ll amend my title…

No American woman should rule the world.

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